Tempus Planner + Free PDF



    You may have heard of time batching, time blocking or task batching before. It’s the idea that working on like tasks within your business or career will help you to become more efficient and productive.

    It seems that a lot of people nowadays feel the desire to be “busy”. However unbeknownst to those people, “being busy” won’t get you that promotion, won’t get you that bonus, or that client, or that continual increase in revenue. What does get rewarded however, are results. 

    With the Tempus Planner, we focus on how to do the minimum necessary, for the maximum effect, and accomplish more of the tasks that matter most. We ensure you choose your “to-do’s” wisely, because fitting more pieces into a puzzle will not make you more successful.

    Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of exactly why our daily undated journal is different than most on the market today. 

    Firstly, with batch working, you’re going to find that you are one thousand times more productive and finally get rid of the cluster and the overwhelming feeling that constantly hangs over your shoulder.

    Tempus Planner has been specifically designed for creatives, entrepreneurs, bloggers and other ambitious goal-orientated people in mind. 

    If you have goals and want to create thorough plans about how you intend to execute every step of your goal to the pinnacle of your success, Tempus Planner was made for you!  


    Have various key dates to schedule ahead throughout the year? An eagle-eye view of the year for you to pen in those key dates so you won't miss any important event. 


    No good Journal would be complete without at least 1 page dedicated to a solid Reading List. Influential books by inspiring Authors are crucial to keeping us driven, focused and motivated along, what can often be the bumpy road to success.


    Sometimes you just need to get your thoughts down on paper. Visually organize information, ideas, and tasks around a central concept. This very technique has been used for centuries to conceive some of the world’s greatest business ideas!  


    The most effective way to execute big tasks is to break them down into smaller daily tasks. With specially designated Time Blocking Daily Task Lists within the Tempus Planner, this is super easy to achieve. The best part is that at the very bottom of the page you have the opportunity to write down one thing that you happy to have accomplished that day. So regardless of what happens throughout the day, you end by reflecting on the good parts of the day and be mindful of the best part of it.


    Easily keep track of your tasks and goals on a weekly basis to see everything you’ve successfully completed and determined anything you need to prioritize for the next week ahead.


    See at a glance 5 GOAL SETTING layouts of your goals plans and keep track of any set milestone and deadlines you have. 


    Look back on the past six months. What have you done well? What have you felt proud of? What do you consider to be an achievement? What lessons did you learn?


    Page designated for notetaking. Keeping your notes organized and all in one place has never been so easy.

    Dimensions: 6x 8.5" 236 pages; perfect size for on-the-go
    100 gsm acid-free paper
    Made with an elastic closure strap
    2 ribbons to bookmark
    Sewn lay-flat binding
    15 pages for notes 9 blank pages and 6 lined pages
    Hardback covered in a nice linen-esque crisp blue fabric. Very sturdy and has a high-end feel to it.

    15 pages for notes 9 blank pages and 6 lined pages 

    We’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you success in completely crushing ALL your goals…now and always!