Best "Time Blocking" Day Planner

  • #1 Plan Your Yearly Overview

    Have various goals that you need to achieve throughout the year? Create a visual reference with your yearly overview and see exactly what needs to be achieved and by when.

  • #2 List Books to Read

    No good Journal would be complete without at least 1 page dedicated to a solid Reading List. Influential books by inspiring Authors are crucial to keeping us driven, focused and motivated along, what can often be the bumpy road to success.

  •  #3 Design Mind Maps

    Sometimes you just need to get your thoughts down on paper. Visually organize information, ideas, and tasks around a central concept. This very technique has been used for centuries to conceive some of the world’s greatest business ideas! 

  • #4 Organise Daily Tasks

    The most effective way to execute big tasks is to break them down into smaller daily tasks. With specially designated Daily Task Lists within the Tempus Planner, this is super easy to achieve.

  • #5 Weekly Review Tracking

    Easily keep track of your tasks and goals on a weekly basis to see everything you’ve successfully completed and determined anything you need to reprioritize.

  • #6 Categorize Project Plans

    See at a glance the various different categories of your project plans and keep track of any set deadlines you have. 

  • #7 Keep Detailed Notes

    Write all your notes in the box on each page, specifically designated for notetaking. Keeping your notes organized and all in one place has never been so easy.