Our Story

Some people have Goals. Most individuals strive to be better organized. Everyone wants to win! I came up with something to help. There’s power in paper! We’ve all been there. No Network. No WiFi. No Power Bank. To be completely honest…not really necessary! That’s why I decided to take it completely back to basics. Get old school with it.

Dream.  Write.  Plan.  Organize.  REINVENT YOURSELF!

All you need is an idea, a pen and some paper to start making things happen. As they say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Because that’s literally my story. I’m originally from Moldova. Thousands of miles away from where I now call home; United States of America where I’ve lived since 2009. Fun fact – I’ve lived in 4 States in 4 years. I think I stopped counting after year 2, I think. Now, I call Boston home. Yes, I'm staying with you, Boston!

I’ll tell you something. I may have relocated several times. But my hopes, dreams and aspirations never did. They are still very much within me. And as an Immigrant, I was in awe! I mean, not to say that it was easy or anything. There were lots of tears, obstacles, barriers and challenges. It was a wonderful period of self-discovery, that I would not change a damn thing about!

Being the creative person that I am, I obviously decided to Major in Finance. Clearly not the smartest move since, as you can imagine excel spreadsheets never quite managed to get my creative juices going, unfortunately.


During my internships, I read lots of books, listened to countless podcasts and watched so many videos. I concluded that the ‘glamourous’ corporate life did not quite align with where I saw myself in the future. So it was pretty much back to the drawing board.

During this period, I had a few eye-opening conversations with Teachers, which went something along the lines of:

Teacher: What’s your real passion?

Me: Not really sure

Teacher: Ok, well what does success mean to you?

Me: Doing something that I love ?!

Teacher: In that case, just follow your passions!

Me: *BLANK STARE* What if I'm part of "No Passion/Talent Club"?

I genuinely did not really have a passion or a PRE-EXISTING TALENT. But these types of conversations were great as they got me thinking about what I was actually good at. You know, those key skills and abilities that we all have but never really pay attention to.

A few years later, 20K in student loans I had a light bulb moment. Well, it was more of a firework moment…as the sparks of enthusiasm were really flying high at this point!

SELF-AWARENESS!  I knew I was pretty skilled in that particular department.

So with my top skill of self-awareness newly recognized, I wrote a long list of things I simply was aware that I…well, liked.

The list included things color, shapes, typography, design, building, textures, flow, context of objects, print advertising, Formula1, tennis. I wasn’t quite sure how any of these things would fit in to my career goals. But, trust me... I thought about it long and hard.

…thought about it some more.

Then it finally clicked.

I wanted to create a product with little elements of all the things I liked, that met people’s needs, was functional, simple and looked beautiful. I wanted to help others to create their Own Serendipity,  just like I did. I wanted to help them discover their passions, desires, and goals through self-awareness, discovery and lots of creative flair.

My number one goal was to help people accomplish more in their day to day lives. I wanted to encourage people to write down all their ideas, and MAKE THEM HAPPEN. Inspire people to create something completely out of the ordinary.

Simply with the power of paper, because I believe words and paper can transform lives…even careers. I’m a prime example!

Things really took shape when I had searched high and low and I was unable to find anything like what I actually needed in the ideal Planner. So decided to create it myself:

  • A Planner with a simple yet sophisticated look

  • A Planner with a Monday to Sunday Layout (not everyone works 9 to 5)

  • A Planner with a dedicated page for books on my reading list

  • A Planner with daily tasks lists, mind mapping pages and project planning capabilities

  • A Planner with both high-quality interior and exterior

The Tempus Planner was born when I identified a gap in the market and lots of people were happy I did too!

I’ll be completely honest and say that I’m still figuring out my mission. But what I know for sure, without any shadow of a doubt is that I like creating products and people seem to love them.

All the amazing emails and feedback I receive daily, keep me striving for better. Although this type of feedback never fails to bring a tear to my eye, it also keep me constantly inspired to create even more useful tools for all the Creators, Engineers, Makers, Entrepreneurs and Go-getters of the world.

I’m not trying to create another stationary brand, but rather tools that aim to assist people in their quest to develop more creative, organized and fulfilling lives.

The tools that you’ll find on this website will enable people to get back to basics, step away from the digital world and think about things differently. Intelligently, creatively, inspirationally and actively - always with a view to getting the most out of life and I think the paper is just the right medium for accomplishing all of that!