5 Reasons You’re Not Being As Productive As You Could Be – And Some Great Solutions To Them!

August 15, 2018

Why you are not being productive and solutions how to improve time management

PRODUCTIVITY is pretty much defined as ‘the state or quality of being productive’. Productivity at its absolute best will result in higher work outputs, better task completion rates and an increased capacity to do more work – because you have more time! And who doesn’t want that?

We are all eager to be more productive, whether we want to admit it or not. If you take a good look at the world around you, you’ll find that productive people are usually some of the most successful people you’ll ever come across…not because they are necessarily more clever, have higher I.Q’s or more money than you, but simply because they get more done in much less time.

So how do you actually be more productive? The key problem is most of us don’t even realize that we’re literally wasting our time every single second, minute and hour of every day. To get the most absolute most out of each day, you have to first acknowledge the fact that you could be using your time more effectively.

If you find that you’re missing set deadlines, falling into the pit of procrastination and simply becoming overwhelmed with just how much you’ve got to do each day - now is the time to work smarter!

In this article, you’ll find the most common reasons (some you may have never even considered) for low productivity and how to effectively tackle them with some great, tried and tested solutions. Enjoy!

1.You THINK you’re being productive!

There is a common misconception that if we are busy, we are being productive. This is a huge myth. The key to proactivity is working smarter and not harder. Smart working is all about effectively managing your workload, prioritizing your tasks and remembering that it’s OK to say “No!”, when your over capacity on your existing workload.

Although, the latter is not ideal, it’s much better than delivering sub-standard work. To avoid ever being in such a predicament, it’s always advisable to manage your time and make every second in your day count

So, what’s the solution?

Use time-specific To-do Lists. That way you’ll be able to see what tasks you need to do every hour (or even per half hour) and be able to effectively track and monitor you progress. It always feels great to look back at these lists at the end of the day and see that you actually had a really productive day and all your tasks are complete!

  •  2. You're not motivated!

  • A lack of motivation towards tasks you need to complete can play a major role in low productivity. It’s always easier to stay focused and be productive when the reason(s) behind each of your tasks is very clear, you have a solid plan in place that surrounds the importance of your success and you can find actual reasons to get excited about your tasks

     So, what’s the solution?:

    Get yourself a Vision Board. Waking up each morning to a vision board, that has everything on it that you really want to achieve never fails to keep motivation levels high. This method is a sure fire way to keep you on track and excited about achieving your daily tasks and goals. You can even have mini vision boards in Journals or Planners. 

    You can put anything you like on your vision board. The car you want to buy, your dream house, how much you hope to one day have sitting in your bank account – absolutely anything you want, as long as the images/words/drawings keep you motivated and focused on success!

     3. Electronic Distractions!

    It’s no secret that laptops, smartphone and tablets…amongst many other electronic devices are amazing little gadgets. However, the main problem with these gadgets is that you can be susceptible to distractions that negatively impact your productivity.

    Things such as text notifications, phone calls and email popups can often detract you from set tasks that you may already have on your To-do List. By the time you’ve taken a phone call, start reading a text message or responding to an email – you realize you’re 45 minutes behind on your current task and everything else falls way behind.

    So, what’s the solution?:

    Write in a Notepad. When you write in a notepad, you’re pretty much going back to basics. But the beauty of this is that you limit the type of electronic distractions that often accompany laptop assuage and using productivity Apps on your smartphone. These include temptations such as responding to non-priority emails and taking unnecessary calls.

    It’s also a good idea to allocate a small amount of time in the day where you routinely turn off all your alerts, notifications and put your phone on silent. You can then use your ‘notepad time’ to collect your thoughts, make big plans and think about how you’re going to take the world by storm! 

     4.Your Environment is Not Conducive!

    Ever heard the expression ‘declutter your surroundings, declutter your mind’? Well, even if you haven’t…it’s very true!  The nature of your working environment can either help or hinder your productivity efforts.

    Having an office space and desk that is free of junk and clutter will ensure that you’re able to keep your mind focused on what’s actually important. This in turn keeps you productive and positively charged to complete all your tasks.

    So, what’s the solution?:

    Utilize an Organization Caddy. You don’t have to get rid of everything on your desk or in your office to keep things clutter-free. A desk caddy is the perfect way to keep all your notes, books and stationary in a nice, neat and organized fashion – whilst keeping everything easily accessible too!

    Maybe it’s mostly have paperwork that clutters up your desk? Letter trays can also serve as a useful purpose in keeping your desk neat and clutter free. There are so many options available when it comes to desk organization.

    5.You’re Too Tired!

    Unfortunately, this particular reason is extremely common in individuals that struggle with productivity, although, they may actually be too busy to realize. A good amount of rest is always needed to maximize your daily ability to be your most productive.

    An inadequate amount of rest can have also increase your levels of stress, fatigue and low mood. So it’s important to rest, recharge and recuperate whenever your body tells you too. And if you choose to ignore your body’s signals …it’s definitely not uncommon for a loved one to bring it to your attention. Either way, always listen to your body! As human beings, we’re designed to work at optimum levels – as long as we get enough rest.

    So, what’s the solution?:

    Put your bedtime on a Post-it Note. When we see something over and over again…our brain is able to embed that information solidly into our mind.

    If we put something like ‘BEDTIME: 8:30pm SHARP!’ on a brightly coloured Post-it Note and stick it up in various place we’ll see frequently – our brains will embed the information with even greater significance and importance.  Give it a try and see!

    Everyone has their own take on the best way to stay productive. Different strategies work for different people. But the one commonality that anyone who wants to boost their productivity shares is the desire to do more things, in much less time without compromising on standards.