15 Totally Worth-It Reasons to Start Using a Daily Planner Right Now!

October 25, 2018

How ti use a daily planner effective


To anyone that knows me, it’s no secret at all that I absolutely LOVE using my daily planner. It literally goes with me everywhere. In actual fact, even if you don’t know me at all…you’ll probably see me and my planner taking up a quiet spot somewhere, getting very well acquainted.

Not too long ago, while I was in my kitchen eagerly jotting down a few points in my planner, my friend leaned on the counter, with her chin cupped in her hands and quipped “why you always writing in that thing?”

Admittedly, I was actually pretty offended she’d referred to my beloved planner as a ‘thing’, but I guess using a physical planner when a whole host of other worldly electronic devices are available…is probably a ‘thing’ in a way.

Nevertheless, her question actually got me thinking, pondering and contemplating as a skimmed through the pages of my planner. This led me to respond:

“I need a planner because I like crossing things off the list. That feeling is amazing and very satisfying. It gives me that extra motivation to do it over again the following day. And that’s when the habits take form. All you have to do is to plant that little seed and water it every single day. By the end of the year, I guarantee you will be amazed by your achievements…Yes, that’s right the Power of Habit…. It’s real and working. You should get a planner too!”

She looked at me a little puzzled at first, but happily agreed to put one to the test – and trust me, she tells me daily, she’s glad she did. And I’m pleased to say that friend hasn’t looked back since.

She’s actually the inspiration behind this article. After our most recent planner-related chat, I came away feeling super inspired. I thought it was amazing that someone who’d never thought about using a planner before, constantly tells me how she can’t live without one.

With that being said, I’ve managed to come up with 15 more awesome reasons that will make your decision to commit to using a planner daily, totally worth it!

Worth-it Reason #1: You’ll Boost Your Productivity!

Did you know that multi-tasking can decrease productivity by 40%? Task-switching is really common amongst people who wants to get loads done in a short space of time…only to find that they have completed no tasks at all. Using a planner will help you dedicate a specific amount of time to one task at a time and work at it until it’s fully complete.

Worth-it Reason #2: You’ll Form a Habit!

On average it takes anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a habit. By using a planner on a daily basis you’ll develop a routine of managing your tasks, tracking your goals and monitoring your progress…which if done consistently over time, will become a great habit to possess!

Worth-it Reason #3: You’ll Become More Focused!

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘if you can dream it, you can achieve it’, right? Well with planners - if you write it, you’re more likely to do it! Whatever your priorities may be, try writing them in a planner, alongside the dates you want achieve them by. It’ll give you the focus, determination and drive your need to make it happen.

Worth-it Reason #4: You’ll Have a Personal Progress Record

There is nothing more satisfying than looking back over the years and seeing how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved. Using a daily planner to document all your tasks, activities and projects is a great way to record your successes (and learning points) whilst having something to refer back to in future.

Worth-it Reason #5: You’ll Inspire Others

I’m a strong believer in leading by example. In the very same way, I inspired my friend to give using a daily planner a go, you can also inspire your friends and family too.  If they see how much you’re doing, everything you’re achieving and how well you’re managing your time…they’ll definitely, want to know what your secret is!

Worth-it Reason #6: You’ll Remember the Important Stuff!

With a daily planner and a pen/pencil at your fingertips, you can write everything from priorities, lists and deadlines to birthdays, appointments and vacations…any place, any time. Who needs a smartphone or laptop when you have a daily planner???

Worth-it Reason #7: You’ll Minimise Stress

Having various conflicting tasks and priorities can be super overwhelming and very stressful to manage. Using a daily planner will enable you to keep everything in one place, making all your activities much easier to view, monitor and manage effectively.

Worth-it Reason #8: You’ll Get More Out Of Each Day!

When you’ve got so much to do, you can easily fall victim to being very busy but not actually achieving anything at all. When you use a daily planner you can specifically plan your day right down to the very last second. Each of your tasks can have set timescales and you can plan breaks through the day, so you know exactly how your time is being used – and on what.

Worth-it Reason #9: You’ll Be More Organized

23% of adults pay their bills late and end up incurring late payment fees due to being disorganized. Using a planner will help you stay on top of your bills and payments. By adding notes and payment reminders to your planner you’re more likely to pay all your bills on time and avoid any nasty surprises.

Worth-it Reason #10: You’ll Improve Your Memory

When you use a daily planner, you’ll improve your memory in 2 significant ways:

  1. Writing things down usually helps you remember them
  2. Forming a daily habit of using a daily planner makes for easier information recall

Give it a go and you’ll see the benefits!

Worth-it Reason #11: You’ll Not Need a Charger, Wi-Fi or Power Bank!

Using a planner is an excellent way to consciously take a step away from electronic devices and take things right back to basics. Write all your hopes, dreams and aspirations down without worrying about losing your connection!

Worth-it Reason #12: You’ll Explore Your Creative Side

Many planners have blank pages or even dedicated mind-mapping pages for you to really explore all your thoughts and ideas. This gives you the opportunity to really get creative and draw images, make colorful notes and even create mini mood or vision boards.

Worth-it Reason #13: You’ll Stand Out From The Crowd

Generally speaking when attending networking events and business conferences, most people’s marketing / contact-taking tool of choice will be their smartphone or laptop. Not only do planners have a stylish vibe that will get you noticed and make you look well put together, they also make great talking points. No doubt, someone will probably ask where you got it from and how you choose to use it.

Worth-it Reason #14: You’ll Learn From Your Mistakes

Most people who use daily planners know very well that staying organized, completing set tasks in a timely manner and managing your time effectively is very much trial and error in the beginning. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it will teach you the best way to use your planner and determine what works best for you. Reaching your full potential is a journey and definitely not a race when to comes to planner usage.

Worth-it Reason #15: You’ll Feel a Great Sense of Accomplishment

The key benefit of using a daily planner surrounds just how satisfying it feels marking all your tasks as complete at the end of each day. Each time you complete an activity you will feel closer to achieving your goals.

Ultimately people who plan are far more successful than people who don’t, regardless of how you define success. The Tempus Planner is an excellent tool that will help you plan all your tasks and daily activities in an easy-to-manage fashion.