The Top Hair and Makeup Trends of the Season

New Hair and Makeup Trends for the Fall/Winter Season

The start of a new season marks a chance to switch things up and try out a new look. If you’re excited to freshen up your style, these hair and makeup trends are going to be your new go-to’s. Get ready to be feeling your best with these hair and makeup looks!

Graphic Eyeliner

One of this season’s biggest trends is a sharp and graphic eyeliner, allowing you to get creative with your look. This look incorporates a bold and defined line around the eyes, and can be made more playful by creating stars and shapes with the eyeliner. Classic black eyeliner can be mixed with an eye-popping bright blues and greens, giving your look extra definition.

Low Ponytails

Say goodbye to your high pony and hello to the chic and timeless low pony. The low pony is perfect for any occasion, and is perfect for creating a sleek and sophisticated look. Add extra volume to the look with volumizing mousse or dry shampoo and a bit of hairspray and you’re all set!

Brushed Up Brows

Full, brushed up brows are everywhere this season! This look exudes a natural and full-on glam feeling, and can be achieved with a few simple steps. Start by brushing the brows with a spool brush. Using brow gel and a toothbrush, apply the product in an upwards motion focusing on the inner and middle parts of the brows. Finish off the look with eyebrow powder to give your arches an extra dose of fullness.

Glossy Lips

This season’s makeup trend is all about glossy, juicy lips. Think light glosses with a hint of color and feeling that keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. Colored lip gloss is great for creating a subtle look, and a glossy lip stain is the perfect balance between glossy and color. For the perfect glossy lips, top it all off with a clear gloss over the lip stain for an extra dose of shine.

Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are the perfect timeless hair look for every season. This look requires minimal effort but also looks effortlessly chic. Prep your damp hair with a mousse and blow dry for extra volume. Take your hair wand and start curling at the ends, alternating between curling away and towards your face. Add texture spray and tousle the top of your hair for the ultimate beachy waves look.

These hair and makeup trends are perfect for creating a timeless yet updated look that you can rock all season! Whether you’re starting a fresh new look or simply looking for a simple way to update your current style, these easy-to-follow tips will get you the look you’re dreaming of. So get ready to make a statement with these stylish hair and makeup looks this season!

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