Teenagers : What Gifts to Give Them?

Finding the right gift is always complicated, but when it comes to spoiling a teenager, it’s a real headache! Trends, high-tech, decoration, leisure, fashion… It’s hard to find your way around and to understand the tastes of this new generation. Fortunately, we are here to help you and make their birthday or Christmas an unforgettable memory. For this, we have concocted a selection of original gifts and adapted to all budgets! On the other hand, we don’t have any miracle tips to overcome the teenage crisis…

What gifts to give to teenagers?

Your son or niece is getting ready to celebrate his or her birthday soon. Great news! However, you are now at least twice 14 years old, which is a long way from the everyday life of today’s teenagers. It is obviously not a fatality, to please them with simple gifts but in the era of time we make it our business to accompany you at best. Let’s go for a return to adolescence!

The geeky teenager

Your teenager swears by gaming and knows all the video game releases, does comparative studies on the latest consoles, and spends his evenings watching Twitch channels? We are dealing with a geek! If this world is totally unknown to you, don’t worry. Don’t take the risk of losing (a lot of) money by offering him/her the latest console if the games he/she plays are not played on it. The same goes for games, unless you know his/her favorites, this gift may turn out to be a flop. Prefer to turn to good classics by playing on game accessories or merchandising. For example :

  • A Minecraft lamp to decorate his office
  • A small retro console to surprise him
  • An inflatable armchair in the shape of a joystick
  • A tetris mug for gaming even at breakfast
  • Pop people if you know a favorite hero
  • A nice manga that he would not have in his collection

The sporty teenager

There is a multitude of teenagers. Between the ages of 12 and 18, they will of course evolve and grow and their passions will change with them. Sometimes fascinated by music, sometimes by cooking, your teenager is rather hyperactive and very athletic. After school he/she swears by physical activity, and doesn’t miss a single soccer, basketball or rugby game. We have a few ideas for them:

  • A French Flair sport Fingabol. What is it? It’s a popular game born in Brazil that allows you to score goals in the opponent’s camp by shooting with your fingers, while calculating the trajectories and being reactive to the rebounds of the puck. A slightly more modern and compact version of the iconic foosball.
  • If you’re a fan of games at any time, give them a ping pong net to take with you anywhere, so they can play on any surface they want. The EasyPong net can be adapted to an indoor table or any flat surface that can be used as a game table: great games are in store for them with their “buddies”!
  • When playing sports, it is important to think about hydration. To do this, offer an isothermal water bottle to your budding athlete. Ecological and essential to his health, he will be able to leave it in his sports bag and will have no more excuses if he tends to leave a multitude of plastic water bottles lying around in his room.
  • Your teen is a competitive machine and tries to analyze every result? Make it easy for them by giving them a connected scale. He can get his heart rate monitor, or track his recovery.

The music-loving teen

No matter when we were teenagers, if there is one thing that connects us all, it is undoubtedly music. Rap, rock, pop, electro… Try to find out more about his or her musical tastes before embarking on a very personalized gift!

  • If you know their favorite song or have a special musical memory with your teen, give them a personalized Spotify glass plate night light. They can put it in their room and remember that moment every day.
  • Being a teenager in the 2020s means listening to music on online platforms. Surprise him by offering him a vinyl of his favorite band or artist so that he can perfect his musical culture and keep a tangible object of his favorite singer.
  • For the trips home from school (or high school) it is inconceivable for the teenager of the family to go out without headphones? Give them the latest in wireless headphones or earbuds! A new era of sound quality so they can go to class with a smile on their face.

The teenager who’s a little lost

Adolescence is a relatively complicated time of life to deal with emotionally. The body changes, the personality takes shape, the rebellion shows its nose, the first love surfaces ahlala hard. So that they can better apprehend this period full of novelties, give them a useful gift that will accompany them during these teenager years:

  • The body and its appearance is one of the most complex subjects during adolescence. Give your teen the book “This is my body” so that he can assume himself as he is and respect it.
  • As a teenager, you doubt everything: yourself, others and your parents. It’s normal to have a thousand and one questions. Help your teen find answers with the book Ado Blues by Michel Piquemal and Jacques Azam, which examines with precision and humor the daily concerns of our dear teens and offers advice, tips and simple solutions to often complicated situations.
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