Men’s fashion large size: how to dress?

Men’s fashion is not only for people with a model size. Tall, stocky men can also look good in “plus size” clothing. Knowing how to dress when you have a generous nature is not easy. To find clothes that enhance your body type, you need to consider color, pattern, fit and of course, your size. What clothing tips should you follow if you are a large man?

Gentlemen, choose a garment in your size

When we have a size that is not in the norm, we often tend to hide our curves with clothes that are too large. However, hiding the shape will attract even more attention. What you need to do is to restore the proportions of your body by giving each part its importance. The idea is to enhance your body shape and not the other way around.

So, don’t try to hide your shape with baggy pants and a shirt with too long sleeves. You’ll make a fool of yourself. Instead, choose clothes that fit your waist and are tailored to your body. Mind you, fitted does not mean tight. Clothes should be close to the body, so that you feel comfortable.

Until recently, large men didn’t have much choice in clothing. They were often too tight or too wide and did not fit well. Finding the perfect T-shirt was a challenge. Fortunately, with the evolution of men’s clothing, men’s plus size fashion is starting to grow. Manufacturers offer a wide range of stylish clothing for all body types.

Choose the right cut of clothes

In fashion, it’s not just the size of the garment that counts. The cut is also an essential detail to structure your figure. If you have a large waist, we advise you to break up your “elongated silhouette” with straight-cut pants. This will follow the movement of your legs. You can also opt for slim-fitting pants to be on the cutting edge of fashion. On the other hand, avoid tight jeans or slim pants, as they will highlight your flaws more.

For shirts and T-shirts, choose straight or semi-fitted cuts. And for a chic and casual outfit, don’t hesitate to wear a polo shirt. Both sober and discreet, this type of clothing has the advantage of being suitable for all body types. The blazer, meanwhile, is perfectly suited to men who are a little overweight. Choose a model with a slim fit for an elegant outfit.

To be seductive, bet on color and patterns

To keep your shape from being too prominent, it may be necessary to create contrasts between your upper and lower body. For this, we advise you to wear a light shirt and dark pants (gray or Camel). As far as patterns are concerned, prefer horizontal stripes and checks, as they will break up your elongated silhouette. On the other hand, choose vertical stripes if you are slightly overweight; it will refine your silhouette.

Don’t hesitate, gentlemen, to ask a fashion professional to help you choose the clothes that will best suit your body shape, while emphasizing your style.

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