Men’s fashion: how to dress classy in summer?

Dressing to look chic can be difficult in summer. Of course, it depends on the region you live in and it is obvious that it will be easier if you are in Paris and not in Marseille. However, don’t give up because you just need to adapt some outfits and it’s not impossible to look stylish when the mercury rises.

Men’s fashion tips to stay stylish even in summer

You just need to remember a few simple details to have a stylish look with ease in summer. No matter what city you live in, always keep in mind that it’s best to wear light materials and breathable fabrics.

Clothes to replace and keep

Instead of pants, you can turn to Bermuda shorts or shorts that will be more comfortable to wear during the summer season. Also, pay attention to the color and cut of your clothes. Finally, choose the right accessories and shoes for summer.

Moreover, you can always afford jackets and suits even in summer according to the site Le blog de Monsieur to keep a chic look in all circumstances. There’s nothing stopping you from wearing summer shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts that are specially designed to keep you looking stylish and comfortable during the beautiful summer days.

Avoid dark colors that trap heat as much as possible and make sure your clothes are loose fitting. Air must be able to pass through to cool you down, which will not be the case if you opt for very tight pants or t-shirts, for example.

Choosing your summer clothes

As we said before, in summer, it is better to choose light materials. Choose airy pieces sewn in fluid and fine fabrics. Leave out structured jackets, knitted wool sweaters and cotton twill shirts. Instead, opt for polo shirts, jackets and t-shirts made of fabrics that glide in the hand for maximum comfort while remaining stylish.

A material is said to be breathable when it allows your body heat to pass to the outside. The garment must protect you from the elements without making you hot. It must allow your body to regulate its internal temperature at 37°C in a natural way. When clothing retains heat and your body tries to evacuate it, you will feel stuffy and sweaty.

What to wear in summer

When it comes to choosing a top and bottom to design your summer outfit, keep in mind that you need to choose the right materials and cuts to stay chic.

Elegant tops for men

When it comes to tops, in the summer, go for dry polo shirts that blend cotton and polyester without looking like a synthetic fabric. This material is perfect if you tend to sweat excessively during the summer season. When it comes to shirts, opt for the extra thin ones, perfect for staying chic when it’s really hot.

If you have to go to a dressy event, wear a jacket made of cordura, a nylon derivative that is durable and very light. You also have the choice of jackets made of hopsack fabric, a matted material with a structure that allows for a durable, yet very breathable fabric. This type of blazer is specially designed for summer. Other materials to adopt are jackets in unlined linen or seersucker.

Choosing the right shorts and Bermuda shorts

You can wear shorts in summer and still look good. There are three rules for wearing shorts correctly during this season. Always hem your shorts like a pair of pants to give them a casual chic look. Also choose a well-cut model, preferring slim models to skinny ones. Indeed, they fit your thighs without molding them for a good wearing comfort in hot weather. Finally, make sure you never go above the knees when choosing shorts.

Forget about pants and shorts that are too long, which unfortunately won’t help you look classy in the summer. Choose between ankle-length pants and shorts that rise above your knees. Avoid, of course, choosing them too tight and/or too short.

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