Gift Ideas for the Family Historian

Gift Ideas for Avid Family Historians

For the family historian, the gift ideas are plentiful but often vary depending on what stage of the project they are at. Gift ideas for the budding genealogist, historians working to fill in the family tree, and professionals creating a research journal or book can vary greatly, with something to fit nearly any budget.

Whether it’s a gift for a special occasion or just a surprise to show appreciation for their passion, this guide gives helpful ideas for gifts personalized for any family historian.

Gifts For the Budding Historian or Genealogist

For those just starting to get into the family history research, many helpful resources are available to make the process easier. Here are some gift ideas for the budding genealogist or historian:

  • Genealogy Software: Few gifts are more useful to a budding family historian than genealogy software to organize their search results, store research notes and allow them to print a list of ancestors in one location. Popular resources include Family Tree Maker, MacFamily Tree, and RootsMagic.
  • Subscription to a Genealogy Database: Services such as, MyHeritage and FindMyPast provide members access to search a vast collection of historical records including birth and death records, military records, immigration records, census data and more.
  • Books and Manuals: A practical gift for the budding genealogist is a reference book or manual. Topics might include an introduction to genealogy, a guide to researching the local region and finding particular records, or instructions on how to research the family history of a particular culture or religion.
  • DNA Tests: If a genealogist wants to explore their heritage, consider gifting them a DNA test. With tools such as AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA or 23andMe, a family member can have their DNA tested and get results including an estimated ethnic background and information about potential living relatives.
  • Gift Certificate: When all else fails, a gift certificate to a genealogy website or a gift shop that specializes in historical memorabilia or supplies can give the budding genealogist the resources to begin their journey.

Gifts for the Mid-Level Historian or Genealogist

Sometimes genealogists have already started the research and are in the midst of collecting records and sorting information. Many gifts specific to the reign of study can make the process easier:

  • Professional Online Storage: As genealogists collect archives, they need a secure and reliable place to store them. Consider gifting them a professional online storage solution like Dropbox, which allows them to store, share and organize an unlimited number of records and documents in one location.
  • Genealogical Record Databases: Gifting access to different kinds of records could help the genealogist find new information. Additional databases to search if they are researching a particular state, region or ethnicity can become very expensive but could contain important information.
  • Genealogy Research Tools: If a genealogist is looking for a particular record or historical artifact, research tools such as Fold3,, or Historic Map Works might give them the edge they need.
  • Subscription to a Historical Newspaper: Newspapers from certain regions or countries are available for subscription via or other subscription services. Reading a specific newspaper from a part of the world can uncover interesting information, stories, and clues to a person’s past.
  • Gift Certificate: Just like above, a gift certificate can provide a unique opportunity to a genealogist. Perhaps it’s a certificate to a specialty printing shop or a genealogy library. It can even give them the chance to attend genealogy-specific events or seminars.

Gifts for the Professional Historian or Genealogist

For those creating or finishing a family history book, there are many products and services available to help them improve the records and set up a professional family history. Here are some great gift ideas to help them along the way:

  • Document Scanner: Moving away from manual transcription of records, a document scanner can help turn stacks of documents into digital files that can be accessed and shared more easily.
  • Genealogy Chart Software: Genealogy chart software allows a genealogist to quickly display their expanded family tree in a graphically appealing chart. It’s much easier to track and present their research when the entire tree is on one page.
  • Tools for Publishing: If a genealogist is working to put together a book or anthology, consider gifting them the tools they need to publish. Services such as Amazon’s CreateSpace let them upload their manuscript and artwork and produce a physical book or have it available for digital purchase.
  • Contract for Professional Services: If a genealogist is involved in a complex research project, consider gifting them the help of a professional. Companies that provide genealogy research services can include contract work like assistance in locating and obtaining records, assistance in analyzing and comparing the information, and assistance in putting together the final report and book.
  • Gift Certificate: Again, a gift certificate is an excellent gift to a genealogist. For an aspiring professional, a certificate to an online genealogy conference may be more useful than services or products that can quickly become outdated.

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