Choose the color orange for your swimsuit!

It’s time to choose the next swimsuit that will accompany you on your next vacation. If vintage is coming back in force, so are the colors. You won’t be able to do without them since they will inject a little pep into your daily life. Leave aside the black or white swimsuit and opt for an orange one instead. It will highlight your tanned complexion. This online store offers several references that will suit your mood.

How to choose the best swimsuit?

For women, this is often the most difficult search, because the swimsuit must perfectly fit the shape of the figure. Otherwise, it will not highlight you and it will be difficult to wear on the beach. Several criteria will help you find the perfect swimsuit.

  • The color is essential and the orange swimsuit will be in the spotlight in 2022, so you can contrast the shade of your tan.
  • The size is also important, the swimsuit should not tighten you or be too wide, it is imperative to measure the waist, shoulders and hips before validating your purchase.
  • The swimsuit is declined in several references, you will have the push-up to raise the chest, the one-piece model or the triangle and even the bra with an underwire.
  • For the bikini, opt for a high-waisted panty, it removes imperfections in the stomach and hips.
  • You will have a classic or interlocking coverage, the choice depends on your preferences.

In terms of price, it is preferable to devote a comfortable budget to the purchase of a swimsuit. This swimsuit will follow you throughout your vacation and will have to resist the sun, but also the salt and sand. Therefore, avoid the entry-level swimsuit since it will quickly be limited in terms of quality. We suggest you spend around 120 euros to buy a high quality orange swimsuit that you can wear easily.

The comfort is essential, do not hesitate to try your swimsuit before adopting it definitively. It is sometimes possible to return it if it does not fit. To avoid this unnecessary purchase, it is advisable to measure the hips, chest and waist. With the measurements, you will have equivalences to determine the best size.

A sporty, retro or resolutely modern look for your swimsuit

We are far from the time when swimsuits were unattractive and unique. Stores have redoubled their efforts to satisfy all women. You will find one-piece and two-piece swimsuits with a modern, retro, vintage and even sporty look. There is a product for every profile and you will not be disappointed by the result since it will perfectly fit your figure. The orange swimsuit can be paired with a sarong for dressing up after swimming or lounging in the sun.


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