Birthday: Gift ideas for a woman who celebrates her 60th birthday

“Ex sixties fan, little baby-doll, where are your crazy years that all your idols have become” It is now far from the time of the carefree where your mom, your aunt, your sister-in-law or your friend played the midget. Just like their youthful idols, they too are getting older and this year they are getting ready to celebrate their 60th spring! To celebrate this great event, you want to turn away from the easy way? You’re right, this is an important milestone in a woman’s life. Not always happy at the idea of celebrating this dreaded age, it is essential to accompany her in this passage towards 60 so that the next decade is placed under the sign of serenity. We help you renew your ideas with our selection of gifts from the most thoughtful to the most exceptional. Originality, personalization or emotion, this year it is a certainty, you will find the perfect gift. Your 60’s? The new adolescence!

What gifts for a 60 year old woman?

Turning 60 marks a real turning point in one’s life, soon the end of one’s active life and the beginning of a new adventure: retirement. It is sometimes difficult to see oneself ageing and to envisage this life “after”, although it is far from being an inevitability. Whether she decides to organize a big party surrounded by her loved ones, or whether she simply wishes to do nothing in particular, show her all your affection and support with a nice gift that will arouse strong emotions. Here are our gift ideas for the future sixty-year-old who shares your life!

The gift of well-being

Celebrating your birthday, especially when you’re getting older, can sometimes be a source of stress. Help your loved one pass this milestone with peace of mind by offering a gift related to the world of well-being. It’s always good to take care of yourself, so for this special occasion, choose a self-heating massage chair to help reduce back tension, an anti-aging facial massager, an acupressure mat to soothe tense areas, a Himalayan salt stone diffuser for optimal relaxation, or a Suijunkan fountain to provide a relaxing atmosphere. If you have trouble deciding, you can always turn to a massage at a spa!

The Adventure Gift

60 years old is an age that in itself is a real adventure. It heralds the beginning of a change in life or the end of a professional career, and promises good times of relaxation. After years of hard work, it’s time to think about yourself and to have new experiences! To celebrate this birthday, offer your 60’s birthday girl a special experience. A parachute jump to surpass yourself, a driving session in a race car for an adrenaline shot, a night in a tree house to get closer to nature or even a helicopter ride to make a dream come true!

The gift of leisure

At 60, we often have more time. With less work and grown children, your friend has the opportunity to think about herself and indulge her passions. Whether you’re a fan of gardening, cooking or painting, give her a gift related to her favorite hobbies. A gardening kit for a greener hand, a food processor to make her job easier behind the stove, an easel and canvases to paint whenever she wants, a wine cellar to put in her kitchen if she appreciates oenology, a state-of-the-art turntable for music lovers nostalgic for their youth or sports accessories for gym aficionados. As many ideas as there are activities!

The emotional gift

A birthday is always an opportunity to show affection and love. Play the emotional card by making a beautiful photo album recalling the key moments of her life. Childhood, adolescence, marriage, birth, parties… Beautiful moments of life that she will enjoy remembering with a tear in her eye. If you have a nice pen, you can write her a little song in which you will open your heart to her. If you don’t want to start making a present, offer her the diary of her birth day. She can read about the events of the day she was born. Touching, isn’t it?

The humorous gift

The most impatient among you will be delighted to lighten the mood with an original and funny gift. Offer a funny book to gently mock your friend’s age “You know you’re 60 when…” composed of quotes, jokes, statistics, crazy tops specially dedicated to all 60-year-olds. You can also use festive accessories: a Miss 60 scarf, a “I’m not getting old, I’m getting more valuable” kitchen apron or a T-shirt with the inscription “I’m not 60, I’m 18 with 42 years of experience”. An opportunity to play down this fateful birthday!

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