Birthday: 7 Gift Ideas for a Woman Celebrating her 30th Birthday

In search of the perfect gift for your best friend’s 30th birthday, you are racking your brains to find a present that will match the affection you have for her! Originality, wow effect, or total emotion, it’s hard to hit the bull’s eye especially when it’s a birthday. The pressure is getting to you because 30 years old is a turning point, but don’t panic, Boom Attitude’s editorial staff is at your side to inspire you and offer you gift ideas adapted to the event. Operation perfect gift, get your notebooks, we’re going to do some heavy lifting!

What gifts for a 30 year old woman?

After hours of scouring every possible website, flipping through all the women’s magazines available at newsstands, or arguing for hours on the phone with your girlfriends, you’re out of ideas. No idea, no crush, nada, nothing. Take a deep breath, relax on your couch, today is the day, you will find the attention that will make your friend, future thirty-year-old, happy. Find our 7 gift ideas to put glitter in her eyes.

A light therapy lamp

Your friend is a real sunshine that illuminates your days for many years now? Always full of vitality, she is like any beautiful plant, sensitive to the lack of light at the risk of shining less. We have just what you need: a light therapy lamp. Thanks to it, it will be able to make up for the lack of natural light in winter or during dull periods. Mobile, she will be able to carry out her sessions at home as well as at the office to take advantage of the lamp’s benefits 100%. At 30, you still shine like a Diamond!

A Shiatsu foot massager

At 30, you’ve got a lot on your plate! Between the stress of work, children, social life, sports, the days are full and physical tensions can appear. To attack your thirties with panache, offer a real relaxation tool to the person who is always there for you: a Shiatsu foot massage device with heat! It will improve her blood circulation and help her relax her muscles. A daily 15min session will undoubtedly put her back on her feet and relax her body and mind. A home spa, everyone dreams of it!

A fruit and vegetable juicer

The thirties are often the occasion to question oneself, to review one’s lifestyle and to reach a balance. Your metabolism starts to change, you know what is good for you and what is not. You also start practicing sports if you were not allergic to sports. Give your best friend the opportunity to fill up on energy and take care of his health. With a fruit and vegetable juicer, hello detox, vitamins and iron health! Ideal for those who watch their diet or who spend their energy without counting, this new food processor will become an essential!

A planting bag to grow a vegetable garden

Your friend has a green thumb but is not an expert in gardening? Accompany her in her passion for plants! If she’s lucky enough to have a small piece of land and has been secretly dreaming of growing her own fruits, vegetables or herbs for years, you’ll make her happy by giving her a planting bag. This above-ground growing bag doesn’t take up much space and, thanks to its depth, she will be able to plant small fruits and vegetables or herbs. If she lives in the country, it will save her the chore of weeding and preparing the soil!

A moment of extreme sensation

Turning 30 can sometimes feel like jumping into the void. Fear of the future, of not meeting her goals, of failing… Spice up her day to day life so she can control her fear of the big leap into this new decade with a parachute jump! As a thrill seeker, she may love this extreme experience. More reluctant, she will feel proud to have mastered her fear and will live an unforgettable moment! Accompany her on the day of the jump and offer her the video of her performance. When she has doubts about her abilities or simply wants to remember this good moment, she will enjoy watching this impressive fall!

A tattoo

Whether she is a fan since she was 20 years old, or whether she is seriously thinking about it, offering a tattoo is an indelible gift that will accompany her until the end of her life. True symbol, she will have you in her skin ad vitam aeternam. If you are a group of girlfriends, why not take the step together? The symbolism will be even stronger if you are all willing to take the plunge and put your skin under needles!

A watch

When we get older, we sometimes dream of stopping time. No way! There’s no point in running, you have to start on time! Mastering the clock to make each birthday a moment with which we are in tune is indeed the main thing. Give your friend a beautiful watch from a fine jewelry house to remember forever this precious moment that is about to take place. A useful gift but not without emotion.

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With all these gift ideas you are bound to find the ideal gift to make her 30th birthday a memorable one! Find also our gift ideas for a woman of 20 years, and 50 years if among your close relations these ladies pass these important caps this year!

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