4 tips to dress like an Italian woman

Milan (Italy) has always been considered one of the world’s fashion capitals. And for good reason, in the 70’s to 90’s, many brands revealed themselves to the world by their outstanding creativity. Versace and Calvin Klein are just a few examples. Since then, all eyes are on Italian fashion and style lovers swear by Italian style. For this reason, many women today aspire to dress like an Italian. But, how to achieve this? Discover 4 tips here to dress like a Milanese woman would.

Go for a minimal color

Look closely at the style of Italian women and you’ll see that they only use soft, neutral colors. They invest much more in good quality basics in neutral colors. Italian women’s ready-to-wear consists mainly of pantsuits, long coats, dresses and so on. All of these are solid and neutral in color. You will rarely see bright colors or strong prints in their clothing style.

If you care about prints, it’s best to opt for custom prints. On the other hand, to dress like those ladies who come from the center of sophistication and style, you should choose understated accessories. With some jewelry and a designer handbag, you will look like one of them very quickly.

Go for premium basics

Italian women prefer to wear premium quality bases. They are durable. So they can be worn regularly. Indeed, these are clothes that hardly ever go out of fashion. These include Italian skirts, blouses, pants, dresses, etc. You will need these items every day.

That’s why you should go for premium quality. You should also know that they can also be worn and styled to fit any season. That said, you’ll only make your investment once. Dressing like an Italian woman will save you money. Besides that, Milanese women opt for these kinds of clothes because they are more comfortable.

The right accessories to choose

As far as accessories are concerned, besides earrings or necklaces, most Italian women accessorize their style with a pair of high fashion heels. They often carry a designer handbag. Most of these accessories are made of better quality leather. However, you don’t have to wear these iconic designer items to dress Italian.

You can just go for a high quality handbag with stilettos. Do everything within your budget. And, there are many boutiques where you can find good quality accessories.

Full coverage

Italian women are more fond of clothes that can cover the whole body while accentuating their features. So the skin is less exposed here. Make your choice here taking into account your body type. To look like these beautiful ladies, you can opt for turtlenecks, suits, full dresses to name a few.

With these clothes, you will better pass the winter. In summer, the Italian woman emphasizes light fabrics, but not daring. That said, dressing like an Italian woman means not exposing too much of your body, no matter what the season.

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