12 ideas for trendy nails

Nowadays, trendy nails have become a real fashion accessory. As soon as summer rolls around, all you can think about is wearing a beautiful manicure. Just like couture, trendy nails also change with time. And if you want, your nails can be perfectly fashionable. Plus, letting your creativity run wild not only makes you stand out, but also reveals a bit of your personality. Whether it’s nail art, baby boomer or a simple manicure, these 12 trendy nail ideas will help you have charming fingers.

Lilac manicure template

Whether in fashion or in the world of beauty, lilac is a color that will not fail to highlight the beauty of your nails. In addition, this color in addition to purple is usually highlighted during fashion shows. In addition to being appreciated, this manicure will bring a certain freshness to your fingers. So, no matter what kind of event you have to attend, your fingers are sure to attract attention.

Silver glitter and bland French

As far as the baby boomer is concerned, this cut is perfectly ideal for women who like to wear shiny nails. In the silver glitter and French fade style, you will find two nails fully covered with silver glitter and very shimmery. Moreover, this combination looks perfect, even elegant, which makes your nails more trendy. Besides, this type of manicure makes the fingers of a beautiful bride very sublime. On the other hand, if you don’t know what to wear for a particular event, you can simply adopt this manicure.

Gradient style nail

With the gradient manicure style, you can start by putting black on your nail and end with light gray. But to make your fingers even more fashionable, reverse this gradient when you do it on the other hand. However, let your imagination run wild and put the black color polish on the thumb of the right hand, but also on the little finger of the left hand. This trendy nail style is sure to appeal to many.

Glitter ombré nails

This style of nails is completely covered with glittery shadow which allows to emphasize more the feminine character. Besides, the color of the glitter allows to match the colors of the shadow beautifully. This manicure model has a snowy appearance which makes it elegant, glittery and practical for a wedding ceremony or for a very chic evening. In any case, glitter ombré nails are pleasantly suitable for women in any season.

Chameleon Style Nail

Thanks to thermo-reactive sensors and pigments that are quite sensitive to temperature change, it’s possible to give your manicure a chameleon look. The chameleon color palette is composed of several shades that change according to the sun. As a result, you have the opportunity to see your nails change shade as the day progresses. This style is quite suitable for women who like to be in color. Plus, there’s something for everyone.

Baby boomer nails classic style

Baby boomer nails, especially the classic style, are elegant and imposing enough. In addition to being long, these nails have mostly particular shapes. On the other hand, in some cases, the entire nail can be covered with silver glitter. Whatever your style, it is certain that this idea of trendy nails will suit you perfectly, especially since they have a rather subtle shine. This type of manicure is perfect for showing up at the office and many other places.

All white nails

Even after several summers, the white manicure still cracks some women up. In fact, unlike many other types, white nails have the ability to enhance the tan. You can choose between chalk effect, glossy or white, it all depends on the color style that attracts you. On the other hand, if you add a little glitter or glaze, it will give your nails an even more trendy and bold effect. This manicure style is ideal for going out on summer nights.

Nails with golden patterns

The nails with gold patterns are a very charming design and quite trendy. Unlike some manicures, this style is usually accompanied by a touch of gold quite discreet, but very refined. However, it should be noted that these patterns do not occupy the entire nail, so you can see the color of your polish. This idea of nails is simply beautiful to wear. Moreover, this style is super easy to recreate. And to increase your fan list, you can even do it again with other designs of your choice.

Glitter nail in accent nail

This nail style is pretty simple to create. In fact, all you have to do is apply a polish color of your choice on eight of your nails. For the remaining two, simply apply a glitter polish. Usually, these glitters are applied on the ring finger, but to make it more trendy and out of the ordinary, you can put it on another finger. With this nail idea, it is sure that you will not get tired of wearing glitter all year long.

Glamorous pink glitter nails

This other type of glitter nail has more of a glamorous, seductive and elegant look. Two of these nails are quite shiny and adorned with stones. However, the other three are completely covered in glittery pink. No matter what kind of event you have to attend, it is sure that your fingers will attract attention, especially since this nail idea is exceptional. On the other hand, it is possible to change the glitter color to adopt another style that is both bold and glamorous.

Glitter baby boomer nails

Glitter baby boomer nails are a style that is quite suitable for women who love shiny manicure. The majority of these nails are completely covered in glitter. However, there is one that makes all the difference since it is shaded. However, it is decorated with rhinestones which makes it even more gorgeous. Either way, the final result is simply stunning, as this combination makes your nails look both chic and elegant.

Glitter and gradient nail art

Ombré nail has always been trendy, but also in vogue. And when you add more glitter to it, it shows more of its glittery effect. On the other hand, it must be said that these glitters make this design ideal to wear at a wedding ceremony. But apart from wearing it for such an occasion, this trendy manicure can also be perfectly suitable for the bride of the day. And you can adopt it for a special event as well.


There are a whole host of trendy nail ideas that can perfectly appeal to you and even suit you. In addition to having models that are of a particular appeal, you also have those that are simple, but very chic. Because of this, you will certainly not miss the style that will match your personality.

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